Friday, November 16, 2007

Zephyrus Analysis

Zephyrus has many stories that are very interesting and well written, and then there are stories that have one if any visible elements in it that are just a waist of paper. In the second issue there is an article called "Lend a hand this Thanksgiving: Hundreds of Edina citizens rely on food shelves for their meals." The article is very important due to the fact that it advertises people to buy food for those who are unfortunate not to have food. This article had timeliness because it was about Thanksgiving and Christmas, both of these holidays are good times to help other people. This is also close to home because it is about Edina people and how they can help out. One problem with this article is that it doesn't have any quotes.

The teacher crush story, I think it is a waste of paper. I don't find this article interesting. It is supposed to be humorous but it isn't because it doesn't connect with the audience. I don't think that this article gives enough information. It says the teachers name, but not what they teach. The pros of this article is that it has good pictures and lots of quotes.

On the back page, the article Do you know your EHS men?, the descriptions aren't clear enough to have an educated guess. Also the pictures are clear enough, it could be the same person in different positions. Good grammer would have been a plus, example- I draw good and we hug the bear.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"The choice is yours" late start busses

Timelyness:Because this year Edina has more late starts then in the past years.
Proximity:Because there are students attending Edina High School who are in The Choice is yours program.
Other:Due to the choice is yours late start busses only comming once in the morning, students in this program must wake up at the regular time to catch the buss, unlike Edina students who are not in the program were the busses come twice.
This story is about how the choice is yours students take one buss to school on late starts, and show up to school early and therefore have a strong friendship and bond that is like no other.
Katie Kessler-Head of the choice is yours program
Doug Ishins-Opens the gym on late starts aswell as hands out food.
Info needed-Why the choice is yours only has one buss and activities that are available on late starts.
Pics.-Late starts while playing basketball and hanging out with friends , also pics. on the buss.
Photo contact-Katie Kessler or Doug Ishins

Hip Hop Dance Evolution

Timelyness: Hip hop dance club performed extremly well at the last weeks pep fest and showed improvement from last years, which was also very good.
Proximity: Here at Edina Hip Hop Dance Club is very big and one of the most exciting parts of our pep fests, also some students attending Edina high school are in Hip Hop Dance Club which also makes it cloose to home.
Human Interest: This years boys captain LaDennis has shown a lot of skill in his performence aswell as his choreographing skills.
My story is how Hip Hop Dance Club has evolved from last year not just the moves or the number of students in the club but also the fact that they callaberated with the dance team.
LaDennis- because he is one of the leaders and a very important part of this club
Elsa-Also one of the leaders as well as the person who made up the "Crank that Spiderman dances 2nd part" which was what they performed with the cheerleaders.
Ariel-Another leader who was in Hip Hop last year and knows how different this year is from last year.
Info needed-Last names of interviewee's aswell as info on changes from last year.
Pics.-Club meetings after school of them dancing aswell as Pep Fest performences.
Photo contact-Katie Kessler the organizer of Hip Hop Dance Club.
Problems-How cloose I am to the story due to the fact that I am in Hip Hop Dance Club aswell as very cloose friends with the leaders.

A Good Reporter

I choose reporter # 5, due to the fact that he/she caries all of the most important traits a good reporter should have. This reporter is honest and seeks the truth while acting independently. He/she does what is promised. This reporter is someone who returns calls and double checks everything. This reporter is willing to say no when it is needed. He/she sees both sides of the story and every prospective, while treating everyone respectful and important.