Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Saving a friend

One of my very good friends that I have became very close with in a very short time has started to go down a bad path and has let the people around her influence her. I am trying to be there for her as much as possible especially now more then ever since the only good friends she had seemed to be fake and don't talk to her any more, so in this time of need I'm the only one there for her and I have no problem being that person but she is bringing me down with her which isn't a good choice for me, but I feel like I can't do anything that is going to make a huge change. I have done all I feel I can and it doesn't seem to effect her even though she says she will change, me nor others seem to see it in her. I want to try to help her and put her back on the right path which she once knew because she has a lot of potential, but I must be the only one who sees it in her, she must not. She has been lying to cover up her mistakes but those lies are leading to more lies which are getting her deeper and deeper into this bad situation. In heart she is a really good person but has just made some bad decisions in the past. She used to go to a private school which she has now returned to due to her mothers choice which was chosen because of Edina's bad reflection on her, when she feel in to the wrong crowd. I feel like she is trying to change but it's not doing any good because she is worrying about everyone but herself but then again she is worrying about no one but herself as well. It was such a drastic change if you would have known her 45 months ago you wouldn't believe it's the same person, it's crazy how much the people around you can change you sometimes for the better but in this case for the wrong. She is tearing the real people who care about her the most away from her which is sad to see. I'm stuck in the middle of the whole situation I can't dismiss her because I'm one of the only people she has and she needs me now more then ever, but I also can't get caught up in she drama either because as much talking to her I can do to help change her not much of it will actually influence her and her decisions that she will make.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Freedom-my fav. song/poem



[Chorus x2:]
Said I'm gone close my eyes
Said I'm gon' live my life
Despite what you think
I'm gone be free I'm a be me


See I ain't never think I would have a situation where the people around me just envy I must replace them
See I always thought the people that watch me grow
Would want to see me blow fa'sho but little did I know
They ain't never really wanna see me smiling.
They couldn't take the fact that I was really shining
And in my heart I knew they was wishing I was stop
Cause they don't me to rise and be on top.
And all that jealousy and hate
Can be right in front of your face
And it's gone hurt for you to see
But it ain't your fault just let it be

So I'm gone close my eyes
And I'm gone live my life
Despite what you think Im'a be free cause Im'a be me. [x2]

See everybody wanna have something to talk about
So they pointing their fingers and always running their mouths.
No matter how you try to satisfy someone else giving so much of yourself yo love but it's never enough.
The more you give them the more want they ain't happy
And they don't see all you do to make 'em happy
They don't appreciate it till you walk away
But you don't want to hear by now it's too late.
And all that jealousy and hate
Can be right in front of your face
And it's gone hurt for you to see
But it ain't your fault just let it be.

So I'm gone close my eyes
And I'm gone live my life
Despite what you think Im'a be free cause Im'a be me. [x2]

What they don't understand is that Im'a keep livin my life and surviving
Im'a keep pushing and striving and climbing and grinding
Cause ain't no time to be crying I been providing with the strength to carry my way
And Im'a be ok cause I'm gone live my life my way
And u can say what u wanna say it wont affect the way I'm living I'm winning by being free again

So I'm gone close my eyes
And I'm gone live my life
Despite what you think Im'a be free cause Im'a be me. [x2]

I choose this song because it's one of my favorite songs and because when I'm sad or mad about something, if I just listen to this song it makes everything better. I can relate to what she's saying because that's high school, people hating on one another because of jealousy and this song makes me realize that it's a compliment even though it makes us sad or angry. The title freedom is a good title for it because it's not obvious but it does make sense. Ashanti named it freedom because once you realize the concept of what she is saying your free, you have freedom from all the drama and haters. "Im'a be free cause Im'a be me," she say's this a lot to show you that being yourself is all you will need to be free because your being the person God wanted you to be. She uses the imagery of closing her eyes, because when your eyes are closed your free and at peace. The tone of her voice in this song is kind of sad and uplifting at the same time, a quite tone but at the same time she gets mad and snaps, this song includes many different tones.

Me as a writer and writing territories

I like to read poetry, music lyrics and novels. I like to read poetry that rhymes and has meaning as well as coming of age novels. I like to write music, like R&B music, poetry and short stories. I like to write about previous experiences and future accomplishments, love and romance I find interesting to write about. Outside of school I don't write to often, I used to write music a lot but haven't had the time for it in a while but would like to return to it. I also don't read to much outside of school either, I would like to but I often find myself to busy to complete a book. I really enjoy writing about a fictional character that I wish I was or a character which is the opposite of me just to imagine how my life could have been different.

Lies, lies, lies
Lies are unwanted and unnecessary
Lies create dishonesty
Lies spread more lies
lies are hard to forgive
lies turn people fake
lies create drama
lies make distrust
lies not for me
lies not to me
lies, lies, lies