Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Me as a writer and writing territories

I like to read poetry, music lyrics and novels. I like to read poetry that rhymes and has meaning as well as coming of age novels. I like to write music, like R&B music, poetry and short stories. I like to write about previous experiences and future accomplishments, love and romance I find interesting to write about. Outside of school I don't write to often, I used to write music a lot but haven't had the time for it in a while but would like to return to it. I also don't read to much outside of school either, I would like to but I often find myself to busy to complete a book. I really enjoy writing about a fictional character that I wish I was or a character which is the opposite of me just to imagine how my life could have been different.

Lies, lies, lies
Lies are unwanted and unnecessary
Lies create dishonesty
Lies spread more lies
lies are hard to forgive
lies turn people fake
lies create drama
lies make distrust
lies not for me
lies not to me
lies, lies, lies

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