Monday, February 25, 2008

Playwrite Reflection

One thing I found very frustrating about the playwright was my first idea I wanted to use I was not able to because of the setting i would need which would have been impossible to get through on a stage. One good part about writing a play is it goes very quite and it's an easy write once you get started. An unpleasant thing about writing a short play is that it's hard to tell the whole story with in a couple of pages.

In today’s world if I could tell a 10 year old anything to try to help them in life, I would tell them two things. That your parents and friends you should cherish and treat them the best possible because they are the ones that are always there and when you grow up you realize your parents where there to help you and that you could have treated them better. I would also tell them that there are haters out there who's goal is to bring you down but you can't let them you have to realize that your better then that and there hating for a reason...jealousy. Also it's not worth it and nether are they don't waste your life worrying about them just live your life to the fullest but as a good person. I would give them this advice because I would want them to have a drama free life that they can life with as little problems as possible.

Literature that lasts a long time is the stuff that changes your life and makes you a better person. A book that makes you realize something you didn't know about and has a strong theme which is portrayed, a theme that gives you an epiphany. I would hope to be lucky enough to write something that could last for centuries but I think it's very unlikely but anything is possible. I think in order to write something like that you would have to be a person who knows people and life.

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