Thursday, February 14, 2008

What I think

I feel that in order to become a good writer being a experienced reader is very important because it's like saying someone is going to become a R&B musician when you have never heard R&B before, it's impossible. You must have experience in what you’re doing in order to be good at it. You also need to be a good reader due to the fact that, if you compare a person who reads a lot of books and someone who reads every once in a while, the more experienced reader is going to have a much bigger vocabulary, better grammar and spelling. Something in the world that is a big part of high school that really concerns me is that there are people going around talking stuff about other people who they shouldn’t be concerned with. Then the people who are getting talked about find out that someone was talking stuff, they get all worked up and a fight becomes about. Drama is a big part of high school now days, due to all the people who have the need to hate on someone else for whatever the reason is. My concern isn’t even for these situations it's for what the man above thinks about what this world has become for not just the adults but the kids as well. Like Aaliyah said "We need a resolution."I have many songs that have inspired me but two that are a major influence and anyone who reads this I encourage to listen to these songs, Nelly-Die for you and Ashanti-Freedom. Die for you by Nelly is a song about his children just saying that he would do anything for them and that he would die for them, basically his love for his children. This song is very important to me and a huge influence due to the fact that I feel that I was raised with that much love and I hope to raise my kids with that much love, enough love to die for them if that be the case. Freedom by Ashanti, probably my favorite song in the world, a song that heals me every time I'm sad. Freedom is a song talking about what ever you have to say about me and what ever you think about me that is negative it's not my problem it's your own, because this portrays you as a gallous hater and that I'm only gone feed off you hatred because it only makes me stronger and motivates me. At the end of the day I'm going to be free because I'm going to be me.

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