Thursday, February 14, 2008

Theme & Playwrights

I believe theme is very important in writing an amazing novel or playwright. A good book or play is one that changes you or makes you feel after you have read it and it can only do that with a theme. For example a book called Freedom Writers Diaries, the central theme is that one person can make a change and this is a great book because it inspires you to make a change for the better, whether it is for you or others. Some books don't need a theme though, like little kids books and sci-fi books as well. A theme I'm considering using in my playwright is the theme of picking your believes over fame and fortune. For example say you get a recording deal and you want to write your own music for your songs, and the record label tells you we are going to make you big and you’re going to make a lot of money but we have a professional writer writing the music. What do you do? Pick fame and fortune or you say you can't do it with out, you writing the music and risk loosing the record deal. A conflict in my play would be one of your best friends who you have known since you were little didn't like the fact that you made it big and they didn't, how would you react to knowing someone your whole life and all a sudden they are someone you have never met, some who gets gallous and starts to hate on you because of your fame.

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