Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"The choice is yours" late start busses

Timelyness:Because this year Edina has more late starts then in the past years.
Proximity:Because there are students attending Edina High School who are in The Choice is yours program.
Other:Due to the choice is yours late start busses only comming once in the morning, students in this program must wake up at the regular time to catch the buss, unlike Edina students who are not in the program were the busses come twice.
This story is about how the choice is yours students take one buss to school on late starts, and show up to school early and therefore have a strong friendship and bond that is like no other.
Katie Kessler-Head of the choice is yours program
Doug Ishins-Opens the gym on late starts aswell as hands out food.
Info needed-Why the choice is yours only has one buss and activities that are available on late starts.
Pics.-Late starts while playing basketball and hanging out with friends , also pics. on the buss.
Photo contact-Katie Kessler or Doug Ishins

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