Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Childrens Books

Children stories are important for children because it's educating but besides that it shows them a fantasy life and lets them live in a fantasy world just like cartoons do. Parents read these stories because they want there child to be happy and what’s better than being in a great place where only good things happen. If you have noticed kids books are all fantasy and everything goes perfect. Children get to be happy and get to grow up just a little bit slower because of these books. Kids learn that there are good things out there and that life is a little bit different but that it's fun to be able to be somewhere else, somewhere that’s perfect. Older people read books to get something out of them whether it's a life lesson or actual information. They also read for the same reason as children, to put themselves into a happy place where everything goes as planed. Stories are so important in today’s life because there is so much curiosity and unknown in life that people look for answers and they look for them in these books. My favorite book as a child was green eggs and ham, and no not because I was hungry. This was my favorite book because I though it was very amusing but also I loved the flow of it, how it rhymed and how he made it so similar to children. If children see something that looks nasty, let's say green eggs and ham they probably aren’t going to want to eat it but you don't know it taste nasty you just assume, you judge a book by its cover. Any way at the end of the story he realizes that green eggs end ham are good and that it was worth to risk it and take a chance. He also learned that you can't just judge something or someone just by there looks or what you think you know.

Good stories should have
1. Descriptive characters
2. Well developed setting
3. Some type of lesson
3. Vocab. Choice
4. Appropriate punctuation
5. Connection to reader
6. Pictures (If a children’s book)
7. Good intro and conclusion

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