Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In Character

Bugs Bunny a well known cartoon that every one loves, well everyone except his arch enemy, the one who hunts him, Elmer Fud. Bugs is so likable because he is funny but he's got a mischievous side as well. Bugs loves to tease Eler fud but Elmer never seems to ever get a hold of him to finish his work. Another great character, Lassie is an amazing dog who puts mans best friend to its true meaning. Everyone loves Lassie because of her cute innocent look but also the way she looks after her family. Another character I find very important is Nate from One Tree Hill, even though he isn't the central character I find him very important to the story. In the beginning of the TV show he is the bad guy and after a while he turns into a decent person who becomes a husband and a father who is well respected. I think this is so important because it shows that any one can change no matter how big or a change it is, it can happen with the right motivation. This is so important because it gives people hope to make a change for the better.

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